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Your gateway to macroeconomic data—the very information guiding policymakers at the Federal Reserve. Delve into a dynamic dashboard that transforms complex indicators into insightful trends, ratios, and interpretations, inspired by Jason Pries and his team’s economic assessments.

While our dashboard offers instructive indicators, it’s essential to note that they represent just a fraction of the economic panorama. Pries Capital’s analytical expertise combines these insights with diverse sources, including economic models, forecasts, and real-world inputs gathered from our extensive network. In addition to our research, incorporate insights from business and community contacts, as summarized in the Fed’s public Beige Book report. Explore further details in the Fed’s semiannual Monetary Policy Reports to Congress.

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— To unravel the macroeconomic significance of each series, simply click on the link under the graph to access an informative article. Here, we discuss meanings, methodologies, and the broader impact on the economic landscape. Explore beyond the dashboard with our rich library of over a hundred economic video series for a comprehensive understanding.

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Pries Capital’s Market Analytics is not just a tool; it’s a collaborative effort. We invite your feedback and questions. Your insights contribute to shaping the future features of our dashboards, ensuring they align with your needs and expectations.

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Our data is a living entity, updating within the first week of every month. We regularly evaluate and enhance the dashboard’s content to reflect our latest economic analyses. As of 6:15 AM EST, 11/05/2023, explore the most recent insights.

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