Perfecting Your Portfolio: The Crucial Stock-to-Bond Ratio

Balancing stocks and bonds is the most crucial investment decision. The stock-to-bond ratio significantly affects the risk level and the expected returns of the portfolio. High stock ratios attract higher risks and potential returns. Financial success requires aligning investment decisions with risk tolerance and focusing on the correct stock-to-bond ratio instead of unnecessary market details. Pries Capital's Legacy Portfolio Model offers a globally diversified investment strategy for stacking investment returns and maximizing investment value.

Mastering Portfolio Management: The Art of Rebalancing

Rebalancing, an often overlooked aspect of investment, is crucial for maintaining portfolio alignment with financial goals and risk tolerance. While it comes with costs such as trading fees and taxes, rebalancing ensures that portfolios resist drifting away from original intentions due to market flux. By optimizing cash flows, investors can use rebalancing as a cornerstone of responsible investing. The Pries Capital firm emphasizes the importance of rebalancing in achieving financial success.

Different Home Mortgage Lenders

The video discusses the importance of choosing the right mortgage lender before purchasing a home. It describes four types of mortgage lenders: Depository Banks, Mortgage Lenders, Correspondent Lenders, and Brokers, and offers top picks for specific situations like Jumbo loans, FHA/VA, 100% financing, and refinancing. It also introduces a YouTube playlist answering common mortgage questions.

FICO® Scores And Your Mortgage

Years ago, credit scoring had little to do with mortgage lending. When reviewing the credit worthiness of a borrower, an underwriter would make a subjective decision based on past payment history. Then things changed. Lenders studied the relationship between credit scores and mortgage delinquencies. There was a definite relationship. Almost half of those borrowers with … Continue reading FICO® Scores And Your Mortgage